Truck oil seals

  • 370003 - Wheel Seal - National Style
370003 - Wheel Seal - National Style

370003 - Wheel Seal - National Style

  • Oem:370003
  • Color: black or others
  • Car Make: national
  • Material: FPM/FPM/NBR/Silicone
  • Product description: 370003 - Wheel Seal - National Style

Oil bath seal is a seal specially designed for wheel hubs of bus, truck, and trailer. Oil bath seal generation has been developed to meet the ever-increasing requirements of environmental safety, long service life, simple handling, and superior total economy. The functions of oil seal, wear sleeve, and dust protection are integrated in the oil bath seal.

The structure of OIL BATH SEAL

ITEM Product advantage

370003A Oil Bath Seal of National for Truck Wheel Hub (309-0973, 392-9131, 393-0173, 393-0273) 1,Temperature range: -40ºF to 225ºF; -40ºC to 107ºC

2,Unitized construction provides greater structural integrity,easier installation and main lip protection

3,Abrasion resistant NBR with spring-loaded main lip for positive sealing with reduced shaft shaft interference

4,Unique rubber I.D.and O.D. includes ribs that prevent shaft shaft leaks and bore contamination

5,37 Series oil bath seals delivers a dependable point contact seal



Part Description Oil Bath Seal

Shaft(Inch) 4.765

Shaft(MM) 121.030

Housing Bore(Inch) 6.311

Housing Bore(MM) 160.300

Outside Diameter(Inch) 6.325

Outside Diameter(MM) 160.480

Width(Inch) 1.078

Width(MM) 27.380

Material NBR

Type 11

Footnote Dynamic Edge

Series 37 Series

Installation Tool RD305

National Style Wheel Seal

Inside Diameter 4.766, Outside Diameter 6.311, Width 1.125

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9 370025BG 19 370124A
10 370031A 20 370150A



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