Boned seals

  • Boned gasket bonded seal
Boned gasket bonded seal

Boned gasket bonded seal

  • Hardness: NBR(85A) FKM(80A)
  • sample: available
  • color: metal color,rubber color
  • Material: copper+rubber
  • Product description: Boned gasket bonded seal

Bonded Seals

A bonded seal is a type of washer used to provide a seal around a screw or bolt.
A bonded seal consists of an outer annular ring of a hard material, typically steel, and an inner annular ring of an

elastomeric material that acts as a gasket.

It is the compression of the elastomeric part between the faces of the parts on either side of the bonded seal that provides the sealing action.
The elastomeric material, typically nitrile rubber, is bonded by heat and pressure to the outer ring, which holds it in place.
This structure increases resistance to bursting, increasing the pressure rating of the seal.

Because the bonded seal itself acts to retain the gasket material,there is no need for the parts to be sealed to be shaped to retain the gasket.

This results in simplified machining and greater ease of use as compared to some other seals, such as O-rings.

Some designs come with an additional flap of rubber on the internal diameter to locate the bonded seal at the centre of the hole,

these are called self-centring bonded washers.

Product Name Boned gasket bonded seal
Category Hydraulic seals, Pneumatic seals, customize seals


Bonded seal


PTFE Fillers Carbon, graphite, glass, MoS2, bronze and virgin PTFE

High temperature, low temperature, high pressure, low pressure,

friction resistance

Color Blue
Sizes Standard and customize
Temperature -45℃    +200℃
Miedum Hydraulic oil,  anti-fire fluid, water, gas etc
Pressure 0-60MPa

excavators, loaders, graders, dump trucks, forklifts, bulldozers, scrapers, mining trucks,

cranes, aerial vehicles, garbage transfer vehicle, sliding cars, agricultural machinery,

logging equipment, etc.



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