• Combi 30-44-14 Oil Seal for Tractor
Combi 30-44-14 Oil Seal for Tractor

Combi 30-44-14 Oil Seal for Tractor

  • Standard: Standard
  • Color: Black, Brown, Red, Green, etc
  • Specification: 1PCS TO A bag
  • Model NO.: 30-44-14
  • Product description: Combi 30-44-14 Oil Seal for Tractor

Special design with PU or felt composed which can increase the dust-proof capability.

O.D.Range    Temperature Range        Pressure Range                Velocity

30-250mm     -40ºC-250ºC               ≤0.3bar                         ≤10m/s

Material Low
NBR -40 125 Good resistance to alcohol,amines, petroleum oils, and gasoline over a wide range of temperature. Also good resistance to caustic salts and fair acid. Poor in strong oxidants, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones, and esters. 
HNBR -25 140 HNBR is made from NBR by hydrogenation. It has high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and good physical properties.
ACM -25 150 It is used in diaphragm, hose for automotive application. Good resistance to heat, ozone and oil. Generally attacked by water, alcohol, glycol and aromatic hydrocarbons. The molecular structure contains ethyl acrylate (EA). Butyl acrylate (BA), and methoxy ethyl acrylate (MEA). High BA content get better low temperature resistance, and high MEA content get more oil resistance.
EPDM -40 125 Stable in polar fluids (alcohol, ketone, and glycol), and hydrochloric acid. Due to the low specific gravity, it can compound with large amount filler.
VMQ -60 225 The most widely temperature ranges for application. Good weather and ozone resistance, but poor mechanical property and chemical resistance.
FKM -20 250 Excellent chemical resistance except ester and ketone.



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