Spring energized seals

  • Hydraulic PTFE  Spring Energized Seals
Hydraulic PTFE  Spring Energized Seals

Hydraulic PTFE Spring Energized Seals

  • Matrial: PTFE
  • Operating temperature: -35~200 degree
  • Pressure: <=40MPa
  • color: black,white ,etc
  • Product description: Hydraulic PTFE -Spring Energized Seals

loading and unloading arm rotary joint with axial seal

valves or other paint spray systems Seal

pump seals

soft drinks, water, beer, equipment (such as a valve device) and the food industry seals

hydraulic cylinder rod seal is the best substitutes, especially for high-voltage, high-side loads, high speed, low friction, rotational yaw large applications


petrochemical, equipment static seal applications

car, seal (low friction, long life) with the aviation industry

other industrial equipment or pressure vessel seals

Third, the advantages of spring actuated seals

When sealing performance from starter insufficient lubrication impact

reduce wear and friction

different sealing materials and spring mix, may exhibit different sealing force to suit various application requirements

made using special CNC processing machines, without tooling costs - especially for a small variety of seals

resistance to chemical corrosion and heat resistance than conventional rubber ring excellent dimensional stability, no shrinkage or volume deformation sealing performance degradation problems arising

compact structure, can be installed in a standard O-ring groove

greatly improved sealing capability and service life

Anti-pollution material may be filled within the ring groove

because the sealing material is PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), very clean and does not pollute the process

low coefficient of friction, no stick-slip effect

starting friction is small, even down for a long time or intermittent operation, are able to maintain low power performance from

Fourth, spring actuated seals style

Spring actuated seals to follow the static and dynamic internal and external pressure or other applications, the choice of the spring in the form of V-type or H-type and design of the sealing lip, which show a different sealing force and compressible deformation.



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