V packing seals

  • NBR Fabric V Packing
NBR Fabric V Packing

NBR Fabric V Packing

  • Application: hydralic cyliner
  • Name:NBR Fabric V Packing
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Oil
  • Product description: NBR Fabric V Packing

NBR Fabric V Packing | Vee Packing and Chevron Packing | Multiple Lip Chevron packing seals

Vee packing is a highly adaptable sealing product. It is typically used in adjustable gland applications such as telescoping truck hoists, pumps and valves. Vee packing sets are composed of a top and bottom component with a varying number of center vees. Vee packing can be optimized by altering materials to accommodate different chemicals, temperatures and pressures.

V-Packings are multiple lip (chevron) packing sets designed to seal static, reciprocating and centrifugal applications. The male and female adaptors are used to complete a set of vee’s and to assist in sealing when compressed.

The selection of fabric or homogeneous compounds should be made on the basis of operating pressure (as is true with the number of rings per set), temperature and the media being sealed.



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