V packing seals

  • Ptfe packing v ring
  • Ptfe packing v ring
Ptfe packing v ringPtfe packing v ring

Ptfe packing v ring

  • Color: black, bronze,white,ect
  • attribute: hydraulice seal--vee packing
  • Size: standard size/custom size
  • attribute: hydraulice seal--vee packing
  • Product description:

Ptfe packing v ring

1.v ring and v packing seal introduction

V-ring series consist of three parts,which are seal ring, support ring and pressing ring. It is the seal used for piston rod of tank.and the Packing set is a seal set consisting of several elements packed together. The Packing set consists of a support ring and then sealing rings and finally the pressure ring. The various units of the Packing set have most often been made in various materials, according to use.


Under the weather of below 100 centigrade,V-Ring adopt  NBR fabric-reinforced, support ring, pressing ring adopt NBR fabric-reinforced or Nylon; which can be in use 100-200 centigraqde; V-Ring adopt PTFE, FKM, pressing ring and support ring adopt PTFE.


1)It has very good elasticity and be enlongated easily

2)It has strong adaptive load against axial  and radial viberation

3)It can bear the high temperature and changeable pressur

4)It is easily to be installed or uploaded

4.Use standard:

1)Pressure: 0-40 MPa;

2)Temperature: -35-200 centigrade;

3)Speed: below 0.5 m/s;

4)Medium: hydraulic oil,emulsion and water



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