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XI'AN WEI SHENG MACHINERY PARTS  CO.,LTD  has specialized in the development and production of sealing systems which were used in the Metallurgical,Mining, Agriculture machinery,Electrical,Auto, Engineering machinery,Light industrial machinery and Electrical appliance manufacturing industries.They have rich experience in designing and manufactureing PTFE PU PLASTIC RUBBER and so on. Hardware products, Engine parts,mold processing,other rubber products also is what we deals now.

As a high peformance seals suppliers,we could meet your special requst about seals .We not only supplier for the seals,we are problems solver.We hope  cooperate with you and get  a win-win situation.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide products, at very competitive prices, along with a support service for which we have become renown.


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Contact: Allen Liu

Phone: +86-152 2983 3229


Add: NO32.Liyuan Road,Lianhu district,Xi'an city,Shaan'xi province,China.710016



NO32.Liyuan Road,Lianhu district,Xi'an city,Shaan'xi province,China.710016


+86-152 2983 3229

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