• Washing Machine Oil Seal
  • Washing Machine Oil Seal
Washing Machine Oil SealWashing Machine Oil Seal

Washing Machine Oil Seal

  • Material: Rubber
  • Style: washing seal
  • Service: OEM Customized Services
  • Temperature: -40~260
  • Product description: washing machine oil seal

What is an oil seal?

Also known as radial lip or rotary shaft seals, oil seals are used to retain or separate lubricants or fluids. Primarily used for rotary applications, these seals have a flexible lip that rubs against a shaft or housing. Oil seals perform two main functions: a) to maintain lubrication oils in place and; b) prevent the intrusion of dirt and other outside contaminants. Common configurations include single lip, double lip, with or without a spring, and metal or rubber covered.

Rubber Oil seal/ Machinery Seal main material :


Material  Temperature( ℃ ) Advantage
NBR  -40~+125  Excellent abrasion resistance,   Mineral oil resistant.
SIR  -60~+225  Excellent heat resistance, cold resistance and weatherability.
FKM  -20~+250  Have good heat resistance,  oil resistant and chemicals resistance.
EPDM  -40~+125  Water resistance, resistance to polarity, solvent resistance, inorganic drug resistance, and good weatherability.
SBR    Resistance to polarity, solvent resistance, Excellent resistance to water
PTFE  -45~+100  Heat resistance,  Excellent cold resistance, chemicals resistance, goodweatherability, Low friction coefficient of oil seal materials   



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